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Useful Linux and UNIX Commands

  • chmod —- change files or directory permissions
  • chown —- change ownership
  • cd —- change directory
  • cp —- copying files
  • du —- shows the disk uses
  • df —- shows the disk free
  • dos2unix —-convert file format
  • ftp —-for connect to a remote machine
  • grep —- search files
  • head —- display first part of the file
  • kill —- kill(end) the process
  • ls —- list files

Download and install Google Chrome

Download and install Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free web browser that takes just a few seconds to install.

Top 10 Sites on The Net

According to Alexa top ten sites in the world

1.   Google

Enables users Search the world’s information, including webpages, images, videos and more.

Top 10 Most Popular Job Websites

Top 10 Most Popular Job Websites

  1. Monster
  2. CareerBuilder
  3. Indeed
  4. Simplyhired
  5. GlassDoor
  6. Aol Jobs
  7. Snagajob
  8. USAJobs
  9. Job
  10. Beyond


The Best Programming Languages

A Programing is a powerful language tool that run on every type digital device or computer. it can be used to create small or large program or application. There are many best programing languages, and all languages are pretty much similar. If you want to become a programmer then these are best option for you.