Best Online Storage Websites

These days people like to use online storage or Cloud Storage, online Backup because it gives freedom to them to upload and save their files in one place and access from anywhere. They can upload their important Docs, Pictures, and music files, etc…

There are many websites offers up to 7 GB free storage.

These are the best Top Ten Online Storage Websites check out, list below.

                                                                                               Websites                          Free Storage

SkyDrive                                        7 GB

Google Dive                                    5 GB

Drop Box                                        2 GB

 MyPcbackup                              Free Trial

Mozy                                              2 GB

JustCloud                                  Free Trial

 ZipCloud                                    Free Trial

LiveDrive                                   Free Trial

 ADrive                                       Free Trial

Hidrive                                              5GB

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